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Our clients have discovered that our results-focused approach to finding talents produce faster and better results when it comes to finding critical managers for their business operations.

The Eagles Approach is sharper and faster

Most executive search firms use research departments to scan and search using a method rather like “drag-net” fishing. They then sieve and short-list a group of candidates against a set of criteria, and present these to the client for him to chose from. This takes a lot of time and may not produce the desired results because talented candidates with track records do not appreciate the approach of research assistants and often decline the invitation to join the beauty parade of candidates.

Talents stand out like diamonds

At Transitions Asia, we realize that we are looking for talents, and talents like diamonds shine. We turn to our network of senior managers and explain to them the type of manager we are looking for in terms of the results they have produced – types of operations and their core competencies. Our results-focused approach is rather like taking advantage of our senior managers like eagles who know their terrain, and they can find those diamonds once we have described what our diamonds look like. 

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