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Interim CEO’s HK & Shanghai (Sourcing Service)

Our CLIENT : Chairman of a successful sourcing service provider pulled together an investor-group to fund his start-up of operations in HK and Shanghai.

TRANSITIONS ASIA: We provided 2 Interim CEO’s, a Shanghainese and a HK senior executive , both had worked with MNCs and were able to tap their network to kick-off the new operations.

Interim Operations Director (Manufacturing - Apparel Accessories)

Our CLIENT: The CEO of a German MNC called us for help on a serious problem. The GM of their Shanghai factory had resigned, attempts to replace him had been unsuccessful.

TRANSITIONS ASIA: Within 10 days of the phone-call, one of the 2 interim Operations Director the CEO interviewed came on board. The challenges the Operations Director was facing included tight cash flow, quality and delivery problems, and a variety of labour and discipline issues.

Fast Growth
Interim SCM Manager, Dongguan (Manufacturing - Watch)

Our CLIENT: Due to a rapidly increasing demand for a smooth supply of components to their European operations, the GM of the European-owned factory in China realized that his supply chain management team was inexperienced and ineffective. He needed to upgrade their capability but normal recruitment efforts did not give him the experience and skills he desired.

TRANSITIONS ASIA: Our Interim SCM Manager was able to assist the GM to improve sourcing, set up processes and system and train up their SCM team.

Coaching the next generation
CEO (eCommerce Company)

Our CLIENT: A Venture Capitalist persuaded the Board to seek our help when they realized that their Founder-CEO did not have sufficient experience to take their start-up Company to next level.

TRANSITIONS ASIA: We provided a CEO to plan and implement the critical organisational restructuring exercise, recruitment of key talents, and also to partner with and coach the Founder.