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"Wars are won in the planning
not on the battlefield."
- General Dwight D.Eisenhower



Through facilitating with DPI’s proven and unique processes, clients can eliminate the need for armies of consultants and endless “strategy projects”.

Nearly all of our clients have used our processes repeatedly from their first adoption until today. The reason is simple - our processes produce results quickly. Caterpillar and 3M, for example, have been our clients since the mid-1980s, and have continually outperformed their rivals.

Many of our clients in Asia are family owned. Lee Kum Kee, for example, has transformed into an international success with the help of our DPI processes.

While our concepts are not the sole cause of the prosperity of these perennial winners, the management of these companies has clearly acknowledged the crucial role that our processes have played in their ongoing success.

Our concept of strategy have stood the test of time because we were present in the “war rooms” of these corporations and organisations when these CEOs / Leaders and their management teams were wrestling with some of the most important decisions of their careers.

Our processes have been instrumental in helping them to solve both short-term problems as well as creating a continuum of success over the long term. Our process is not about writing a strategic plan and instructing the employees to “make it happen”. It is about a fundamental shift in the way management team look at their organisation and its operating environment. Moreover, it is about gaining a common understanding of the critical ingredients of success for that organisation, and in its competitive “sandbox”.

Once that common understanding of the organisation’s strategic direction is reached and cascaded throughout the company over time, results are not only sustainable but multiply, very often exponentially.

We have learned, through three decades of working with private and public sector organisations, both profit and non-profit, that our processes will work for any organisation / department, of any size, in any industry or sector, and in any country. This is because they are basic common sense, and thrive, not on the “industry knowledge” of consultants, but on the knowledge and experience of those who run an organisation.