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"I cannot teach them anything, I can only make them think."
- Socrates



Strategic Thinking Process

A clear, well-articulated strategy defines the corporate mission for those charged with carrying it out.  Unfortunately, in most companies the strategy resides solely in the head of the CEO or in a leather-bound report that sits on the shelf collecting dust. As management attempts to implement the strategy, the organisation zigzags from event to event, lacking clear direction. The company loses momentum. Resources are wasted. 

That is why DPI developed the Strategic Thinking ProcessSM. Strategic Thinking is not strategic planning. Traditional approaches to strategic planning produce thick and complex reports that are often poorly understood and difficult to implement.  Strategic planning provides the raw material for Strategic Thinking.  Strategic Thinking is a living, breathing process that enables senior management to formulate a strategy together. To debate the key issues. Evaluate the internal and external environments the organisation will face. Forge a meaningful strategic profile for the future of the company that all agree upon. To build an action planto deploy the strategy effectively.

Strategic Product/ Service Innovation

A proven way to achieve strategic supremacy is to dictate the pace of innovation in the sandbox that you have chosen to play in. To do this, you would need to have a pipeline of new products ready to be rolled out at will. New product creation is not mere chance, or random flashes of inspiration. Innovative companies make it happen. Continuously.

Successful innovators, consciously or not, use a repeatable thinking processto manage change to their advantage. Systematically searching out new products, new markets, and new customers. Evaluating them for risk and reward, feasibility, and fit with the corporate strategy. And implementing only when analysis shows a high probability of success.

This concept is the basis of DPI’s Process of Strategic Product InnovationSM. This process harnesses your key people’s understanding of changes taking place in your company’s markets and business environment. It directs that knowledge through a creative yet rational pathway to drive out opportunitiesfor new-to-market product concepts – products that do not exist today and that leverage the company’s key strategic capabilities.

The Process of Strategic Product InnovationSM is being used by many companies around the world to generate a steady stream of innovative new product and/or service concepts, and to identify opportunities for entirely new markets and customer groups.

The future holds vast opportunities for growth, if you know how to use change to your advantage. Strategic Product Innovation. The key to continuous innovation in today’s rapidly changing world, and to outpacing the competition.

Efficiency Improvement Process

DPI drives mindset change to ensure commitment and confidence towards Efficiency Improvement followed by regular reviews and coaching of key managers to secure follow through and results. We identify and eliminate non-value adding processes, an approach which goes beyond the conventional waste reduction mindset. Our proprietary Efficiency Improvement methodology focuses on streamlining an organisation’s operational processes to get to an optimal work-flow scenario.

This is a methodology developed through many years of research into QA, TQM, Six Sigma and LEAN processes, and is recognised as being more holistic than TPS for achieving process quality improvements, and have been successfully implemented in many regional organisations with unparalleled results of overachieving organisational KPIs.