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BSc (Hon), MBA (Harvard)

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  Chee-Lung Tham

Chee Lung Tham is the Managing Director of Transitions Asia Limited. For the past 20 years, he has served as a confidant to entrepreneurs and CEOs, providing them with sustainable business solutions.

Working in tandem with EIM international, Chee Lung has built a vast network of C-suite executives with proven track records in varied disciplines to deliver critical business milestones, including turnarounds and special projects in China and ASEAN.

As the former Regional Head for Gore, Chee Lung and his team helped to elevate the productivity of numerous businesses covering apparel, electronics, medical devices, environmental, and industrial applications. He also served as the MD for Magically Asia, a work collaboration platform during the dot.com era.

Chee Lung has demonstrated a strong commitment to the Hong Kong business community. When he was President of the Harvard Business School Alumni Association, he convinced Harvard University to allow his team to organize the 1997 Global Alumni Conference in Hong Kong. This became a show of confidence in Hong Kong’s future and became the platform to inspire Hong Kong entrepreneurs until today.

Chee Lung has an MBA from the Harvard Business School. His B Agri Sc degree (first class) is from the University of Malaya. He served as President of the Harvard Business School Alumni Association, Hong Kong; Vice-President of the American Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong, President of the Admiralty Rotary Club, and Area Governor for Rotary.

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