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Case Studies

  Teckwah – From Cardboard Boxes To Supply Chain Management
“We liked the idea of a process that would guide us to think logically and strategically.”

Thomas Chua, Chairman & Managing Director,
Teckwah Industrial Corporation Limited

  Ascendas’ strategy is to provide total integrated solutions
“The DPI Strategic Thinking Process assures that the business concept, the people, capabilities, goals, and targets are all in alignment. It is critical that we have that.”
Ms. Chong Siak Ching, President & CEO,
Ascendas (pte) Limited.

Selecting The Driving Force— The Compass of The ATNS Strategy
“The result of this laser-like focus on strategic objectives is an organization that now has the skills and renewed confidence needed to meet its toughest challenges”.

Patrick Dlamini, CEO,
South Africa’s Air Traffic & Navigation Services

The Strategic Filter: The Essential Management Tool
“The company is, in round numbers, ten times the size that it was the day we did that first DPI strategy session...”

Steve Bonner, President & CEO,
Cancer Treatment Centers of America